About Us

Reapers’ Quest is a company dedicated to producing high quality, unique, licenced memorabilia for fans. Where possible, we make the items by hand, in store to fit you. We use mostly Australian companies to source our products, making sure it is of the best quality.

We are Phans first.

Every product we offer is something we would want to buy ourselves.



Kelby Wooldridge – Co-Founder

Kelby Wooldridge started reading comics when he was twelve and was introduced to the Phantom by his grandfather. He has always been a fan of pop culture, from movies to comics and cartoons.

After 30 years in his current profession, Kelby was keen to find something else to which to devote his time. After many brainstorming sessions with his co-founder John Evans, he came up with the idea for Reapers’ Quest, a company dedicated to providing pop culture memorabilia of the best quality possible. With the advice and help of John, they developed a line of jewellery based on the Phantom comics, the first of many projects to come.


John Evans – Co-Founder and Manufacturing Advisor

For over 35 years, John Evans has been involved in the process of jewellery-making, creating exquisite designs through one-on-one collaboration with his clients. By guiding them through the stages of concept, manufacturing and designing their chosen products, John has been able to provide his clients with uniquely-styled rings that fit perfectly, a skill he has brought forward in his new joint venture with business partner Kelby.

As co-founder of Reapers’ Quest, John has been highly involved in the creation of the Phantom rings, participating in many brainstorming sessions with Kelby to achieve ring designs that they were both happy with.